How Aftercare Can Work

Early Involvement

By investing time up front a lot of the potential issues can be identified / addressed.

Project Involvement

It is also important to keep in touch with the Site Team as the Project develops, and provide a fresh set of eyes on the installation and maybe highlighting any potential problems.

The Last 5%

The last 5% is always the hardest to complete and can often prove to be very costly. By investing time early on and preparing for Handover can reduce many of the problems encountered, making Practical Completion a more pleasurable experience.

Handing over the Baton

As the project draws towards the end, the Contract Team start looking towards their next job. Quite often, energy and moral levels drop resulting in issues not being resolved effectively. This is sometimes hindered by 'baggage' that has been accumulated en-route, or clashes of personalities. By introducing a new lease of life at that stage can help reduce the burden allowing them to focus on what matters most, whilst still retaining control.

Retaining Contact

If a client is left with a bad taste in their mouth it effectively closes the door to future business. Companies invest large amounts of money to win customers but very little to retain them. By providing a bespoke Aftercare package allows the Customer to adjust to their new environment whilst having the safety net of dedicated support available. This means that should a problem occur, or questions arise, they know it will be addressed promptly.

How much would that Good Press be worth to your company?

"The project has finished. Am I too late to implement something like this?"

It's never too late to look after your Customer or Your business...


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